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Similar-sounding words:  tener  temer

1 tomar Verb, transitive (a) to take an object, city; ¡toma! here!, here you are!; ~ sobre sí to take on
(b) to take a student, take on an employee
(c) (understand, interpret) to take (por, as); ~ algo a bien/mal to take sth well/badly
(d) to take a train, bus; ¿tomamos el metro? shall we take the metro?
(e) to take a bath, shower; to take, make decisions; to take measures
(f) to drink water, drink; (in bar, restaurant) to have (to drink); toma mucha agua he drinks a lot of water; ¿qué quieres ~? what do you want to drink?; ¿qué tomas? what are you drinking?, what are you having to drink?; voy a ~ un café I'll have a coffee

2 tomar Verb, intransitive to drink; ¡no tomes tanto! don't drink so much!, cut down on your drinking!

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