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Similar-sounding words:  éster

1 estar Verb, intransitive

Present estoy, estás, está, estamos, estáis, están
Imperfect estaba, estabas, estaba, estábamos, estabais, estaban
Future estaré, estarás, estará, estaremos, estaréis, estarán
Preterite estuve, estuviste, estuvo, estuvimos, estuvisteis, estuvieron
Present subjunctive esté, estés, esté, estemos, estéis, estén
Perfect he estado, has estado, ha estado, hemos estado, habéis estado, han estado
(a) (denoting place) to be, stand (literary); estoy en casa I'm at home; el hotel está cerca del Zócalo the hotel is near to the main square; ¿está Juan? is Juan there?
(b) (indicating state or condition, as opposed to a characteristic) to be; ~ cansado to be tired; ¿cómo estás?, (Infml) ¿cómo estamos? how are things?, how are you doing?, how's it going (Infml)
(c) ~ con (expression sometimes implying a gerund, with varied uses) to have strength; to be in the middle of, be on with work, be on a book; to have, be suffering from, have come down with an illness; to be suffering from thirst, hunger; to be on (or) taking medicine; todavía está con antibióticos he's still on antibiotics; todavía está con bajo peso he's still underweight; está con la luz prendida he's got the light on, he's working (etc) with the light on; todavía está con sed he's still thirsty; todavía está con este libro he's still reading this book, he's still in the middle of this book, he's still on this book
(d) (indicating perception) to be, (of food) taste, (of appearance) look; está muy rica la sopa the soup's really tasty, the soup tastes really good; estamos a 30 grados it's 30 degrees, we're experiencing 30 degree heat; está bien OK, alright, it's (or) that's OK, it's (or) that's alright; ¿quieres más sopa? -estoy bien, gracias do you want some more soup? -I'm OK, thanks
(e) (indicating opinion) to be, feel; estoy seguro que... I am (or) feel sure that...; ~ por algo to be for sth (Infml), be in favour of sth; ~ por hacer algo to be in favour of doing sth, be up for doing sth (Infml)

2 estar Verb (used to form continuous aspect) to be; está trabajando he's working

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y estar en posesión deand be in possession of:
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