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1 bueno Adjective (a) (Declension: short form buen)
(b) decent, reasonable, good size, amount, portion, good-sized portion; una buena ración de verduras a decent (or) good-sized portion of vegetables; tiene un buen salario he has a good (or) decent salary; el jardín es de (muy) buen tamaño the garden is a (really) decent (or) reasonable size
(c) (beneficial) good; el vino tinto es ~ para la salud red wine is good for the health; es buena notícia it's good news
(d) (of person) good (Infml), well, OK (Infml)
(e) (in sense of 'not deteriorated') good, OK (Infml); ¿esta leche está buena? is this milk good?, is this milk OK (Infml); esta leche no está buena this milk isn't good, this milk's off (Infml)

2 bueno Exclamation (a) (Infml: expressing agreement with slight hesitation) well, OK; ¿quieres una copa de vino? -¡~! do you want a glass of wine? -well, OK! (or) go on then!; ~, ¿porqué no? well, why not?
(b) (Mexico: used to answer telephone) hello!

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