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1 dar Verb, transitive

Present doy, das, da, damos, dáis, dan
Imperfect daba, dabas, daba, dábamos, dabais, daban
Future daré, darás, dará, daremos, daréis, darán
Preterite di, diste, dio, dimos, disteis, dieron
Present subjunctive dé, des, dé, demos, deis, den
Perfect he dado, has dado, ha dado, hemos dado, habéis dado, han dado
(a) to give; ~(le) algo a alguien to give sth to sb, give sb sth, give sth sb (Dialectal); (le) di un libro a mi hermano, (le) di a mi hermano un libro I gave my brother a book, I gave a book to my brother; ~ algo por algo to give sth in exchange for sth, give sth for sth
(b) to tell news; ~ los buenos días a alguien to bid sb hello (or) good morning (slightly frm or literary), say hello (or) good morning to sb
(c) to take a step, tour
(d) to yield, bear fruit
(e) (with a noun expressing emotion: see also the individual noun) to cause problems, annoyance; to give, afford (frm) pleasure; me dan miedo las arañas I'm scared of spiders; me dio miedo cuando... I got a fright when..., it gave me a fright when...
(f) to let out, give, give out a cry, shriek; to heave, give, let out a sigh
(g) to hold (frm), put on, throw (Infml) a party, banquet, reception; (Cinema, TV) to put on, show, screen a film; (Theatre) to put on, perform a play
(h) (Games) to deal cards

2 darse Verb, pronominal (a) (of clothes) ~se (de sí) to give, stretch
(b) (of person) to give oneself over (a, to); se ha dado a la bebida he has given himself over to drink, he has taken to drinking

3 darse Verb, intransitive , pronominal to happen, arise; se dio que había... it (so) happened that there was...

4 dar Verb, intransitive (a) (of pain, illness) to come on; me dio un dolor de cabeza I suddenly felt a headache coming on; le dio una colitis terrible he had a violent attack of colitis
(b) ~le a to kick a ball; to hit a button

5 dar Verb, transitive/intransitive (of clock) to strike, chime; el reloj dio las dos the clock struck (or) chimed two

6 dar Verb, intransitive (of window, room) ~ a to look on to, (esp when high up) look out over, overlook; la recámara/ventana da al jardín the bedroom/window looks on to (or) looks out over (or) overlooks the garden

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