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"Semi-regular" present subjunctive forms

We mentioned in our introduction to present subjunctive forms that:

If a verb has an irregular yo present tense form, then the subjunctive will be based on the irregular yo form.

Exceptions: the verbs dar, estar, saber have irregular present subjunctive forms.

Here are some common present subjunctive forms based on irregular yo forms:

VerbPresent tense yo formPresent subjunctive formsExamples
to fit
quepoquepa(s), quepamos, quepais, quepanNo creo que quepa
I don't think it'll fit
to say
digodiga(s), digamos, digais, diganEs importante que me digas la verdad
It's important that you tell me the truth.
to do, make
hagohaga(s), hagamos, hagais, hagan¿Qué quieres que haga?
What do you want/expect me to do?
to put, put on
pongoponga(s), pongamos, pongais, ponganSugiero que te pongas un pantalon
I suggest you put some trousers on
to leave, go out
salgosalga(s), salgamos, salgais, salganNecesito que el perro salga a caminar
I need the dog to go out for a walk
to bring
traigotraiga(s), traigamos, traigais, traigan¿Que quieren que les traigamos?
What do you want us to bring you?
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