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Irregular present subjunctive forms

Having looked at regular present subjunctive forms in Spanish, you may be dreading a long list of irregular forms to learn. Luckily, Spanish has only a handful of forms that are actually unpredictable. They are the following:

Irregular Spanish present subjunctive forms
VerbPresent subjunctive forms
sersea(s), seamos, seáis, sean
estaresté(s), estemos, estéis, estén
irvaya(s), vayamos, vayáis, vayan
dar1, des, demos, deis, den
sabersepa(s), sepamos, sepáis, sepan

As in the imperfect tense, the verb ver is essentially regular so long as you see ve- as being the stem:

vervea(s), veamos, veáis, vean

Other than the verbs mentioned above, verbs that have an irregular present tense yo form use this form as the basis of their subjunctive forms. See: "semi-regular" subjunctive forms.

1. The accent here essentially distinguishes this form from the preposition de, and indicates that it is a "stress-carrying" word.

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