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Practise the perfect tense in Spanish (1)

On this page, you can practise the perfect tense of some Spanish verbs.

To do so, fill in the grid below with the Spanish verb form (consisting of two words) to match the given English meaning. Click the vocabulary icon to the left of the grid to see the list of vocabulary used in this exercise. For each question:

  • choose the correct form of haber: he, has or ha;
  • turn the verb into a past participle: replace -ar with -ado and -er/-ir with -ido.

Remember to be careful of you forms:

  • You'll need to choose between the informal () form and the formal form (the usted) form, which always has the same verb form as the he/she form.

If you need a reminder with examples, you can go back to the perfect tense introduction.

Next: plural forms

On the next page, we see how to form the plural forms of the perfect tense.

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