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Interactive example: saying I like..., he likes... etc in Spanish

This page follows on from the page on how to say I like... in Spanish. Clicking on either Castillian or Mexican below will open a window allowing you to make some sentences with the English verb like and see them translated into (Castillian or Mexican) Spanish. The difference here is that Castillian spanish uses the vosotros form of address whereas Mexican Spanish (and Latin American Spanish in general) doesn't.

How to use this interactive tool

When you click on one of the buttons, a window will open. The window will open roughly to the size of your screen, so that you can use it for a whiteboard presentation or for various people to see "over your shoulder".

On the left hand side is the sentence that you're going to create. The three boxes are the "template" for your sentence in English. On the right hand side are the pronouns and activities that you can use to create the sentence. Initially, you'll see arrows above and below the part of the sentence that is going to be the subject. Select one of the subjects from the right of the screen and it will appear in the first position of your sentence.

Now click on the third box (where it says select a thing/activity). The arrows will now appear above and below this box, and on the right of the screen will be a list of things like coffee, tennis etc that can be the object of like.

Once you've chosen the object, you'll see the Spanish sentence appear below the English one. Now, you can continue to click on either the subject or object of the English sentence and select a new subject/object. You'll see the Spanish sentence change accordingly.

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