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Using the tool below, you can print some free flash cards to help you learn Spanish vocabulary on the topic of names of colours in Spanish.

For detailed printing instructions, see below.

How to print the Spanish flash cards

Firstly, you'll need a printer that allows you to print on both sides of the page (most printers let you do this by printing on one side, then fedding the pages back in again the other way round to print on the other side). To help with this, the reverse English pages allows you to print the Spanish side, then take the paper directly out of the printer and put back in the other way round for the English side.

Printing tip: before printing, click the Change size button and check the paper size and margins. If you have a laser printer, you can probably make the margins smaller than the default (try 12mm for all margins), and thus make full use of the page.

Your browser needs to support Java version 5 or later in order to use the flash card printing tool.

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