How to use this dictionary

Using a dictionary can often require a certain amount of skill on the part of the user. This has always been true particularly in the case of a paper dictionary. In an ideal world, of course, the onus would be on the dictionary editors and software to guide the user to the correct translation, rather than on the user to sift through pages of complicated explanations on the format of dictionary entries. One of the advantages of an electronic dictionary is that this onus can indeed shift towards the dictionary. For example:

Modern electronic dictionaries such as this site's Spanish/English work are beginning to break with some of these traditional problems. (Actually, one of the weaknesses of electronic dictionaries is that for a long time they have simply aped their paper counterparts rather than providing many new features.) For example, the dictionary can often correct for misspelt lookups and understand practically all declined forms of words. Since information is available to the editor of an on-line dictionary on how users are actually using the dictionary, the content can be improved and re-organised to take this usage into account.

However, the following short notes may help you to make better use of this dictionary:

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